Tanfoglio Extended Firing Pin Small Frame


Our Tanfoglio (EAA Witness) Small Frame Firing Pin is a performance firing pin designed for competition and reliability. It is the lightest and fastest firing pin available for the Tanfoglio (EAA Witness in USA) and weighs 33% lighter than the factory pin. It is made out of 420 Stainless steel and has a Rockwell hardening of 50 ! it eliminates light strikes and allows for the use of light hammer springs. You can combine this spring with our Wolff Hammer Spring Kit (13lb, 14lb, 15lb and 16lb) for a lighter trigger pull, yet 100% ignition. If you like to use Rifle Primers, you have to use the Henning XL firing pin to set them off.

The SMALL frame Tanfoglio Extended Firing Pin is a light weight design. It DOES NOT work with the firing pin safety. It is SA / DA functional.


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